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General Ledger, Accounts Payble & Budgeting

A simple yet sophisticated system that is well suited for law firms of any size,  LSSe64 is loaded with the features that law firms need, in a package that is efficient and easy to use.  Because it's designed specifically for the unique financial requirements of the legal industry, you can always count on the system for useful, accurate and timely information.  And best of all, it provides seamless integration with the LSSe64 Time and Billing components.

Watch a Video Demonstration Now:

- G/L Account Inquiry Dashboard (Charts)
- G/L & A/P Transactions (Searches)
- Basics (Accounts, Budgets, Groups)


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Scalable Functionality and Performance

LSSe64 is fully scalable - in both function and performance.  Enable the features you need, and disable those you don't need.  Powered by Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft .NET framework, LSSe64 can easily manage the workload of firms ranging in size from one attorney to thousands of attorneys.

Powerful Search Features

Locate any transaction instantly - no matter how much data you have.  Literally dozens of search options make it a breeze to find what you are looking for.  The system will even perform full-text searches based on the contents of files you have attached to a transaction (like copies of vendor invoices). 

Want to Learn More?

See below for additional product information,  watch one of our demonstration videos, or call LSS at 1-800-331-4122 to schedule a live online meeting with an experienced project manager who can answer any question you might have.

Real-time Charts and Graphs - Instantly

With just a click or two of the mouse, LSSe64 will display or print beautiful graphs and charts, straight from the real-time data contained in your LSSe64 system.  No spreadsheets or formulas required.  And the results are instant.  Check out the videos above for an example.


LSSe64 General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Budgeting Feature Summary

Most intuitive interface ever.  Simple, sophisticated and designed with the end user in mind.  More intuitive and efficient than any other.  LSSe64 displays validation information online and in real-time, and makes it easier than ever to quickly find the information you are looking for.

Powerful search capabilities.  More options, added flexibility, scrollable search history, customizable defaults, favorites list and full text search capabilities - including the contents of files attached to transactions (i.e. scanned vendor invoices).

Flexible and scalable account numbering.  No preset account numbering scheme to conform to, user-definable drag/drop account groupings for reports, optional controls by department, office and suffix. 

Unbeatable performance.  Tested with more than one million transactions representing fifteen years of detailed ledger history.  Results to search requests and complex real-time charting jobs are nearly instant every time.

Time and billing integration.  Seamless two-way integration with the LSSe64 Time and Billing components.

No practical limitations.  Create as many as 89,999 G/L account numbers, 99 departments, 99 offices and 99,999 suffixes (individuals).  Store an unlimited amount of data - dependant solely on the capacity of your server.  Every single general ledger or accounts payable transaction may contain up to 1,000 invoice numbers, 1,000 billing records, 1,000 account numbers and an unlimited number of file attachments.

Reporting.  Flexible reporting options allow you to generate great looking financial statements, including a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance and more.   

Advanced security.  Effortlessly secure accounting and bookkeeping access within your firm.  You decide who can and who cannot access information. 

Active directory integration.  No separate LSS login is required.  Just launch LSSe64 and go.  LSS authenticates users against the Windows login name and password already defined on your network.  LSS doesn’t store login names or passwords – just the user-defined defaults and options specific to their operation of LSSe64.

Native 64-bit applications.  LSSe64 is designed specifically for 64-bit operating systems, but is also  available in a 32-bit version for use with legacy 32-bit operating systems with little or no loss in functionality.  LSSe64 can be used in mixed environments, using the 32-bit version on older workstations while concurrently using the 64-bit version on newer workstations.

Windows 7, 8 & 10.  LSSe64 is designed specifically for use with Windows 7, 8 & 10 (64-bit and 32-bit versions). 

Microsoft SQL Server.  LSSe64 is compatible with Windows Server 2008/2012 and SQL Server 2008R2/2012/2014.  The free Express edition of SQL may be suitable for some small firms, while the Standard edition is necessary for most implementations.  Contact LSS for specific server requirements and recommendations.

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