Document Management Software for Law Firms
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Document Management Software for Law Firms

LSSe64 is the next generation in document management software for law firms.  With such a simple and intuitive interface, you might be surprised at just how much functionality is packed into this world class document management system.  Designed  specifically for law firms and the legal industry, LSSe64 allows attorneys and staff to more efficiently manage, store, organize and access client related files - including Outlook email. 

Document Management Software for Law Firms

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- Search and Related Functions
- Document Security
- Saving Files / Drag & Drop Features
- Saving Email using Outlook Drag/Drop Folders

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Modular and Flexible Design

The LSSe64 Document Management System is the only full featured DMS that can be installed as its own stand-alone application or as part of a larger integrated "all-in-one" practice management system.  With LSSe64, the choice is yours.  Call for special stand-alone prices.


LSS Docs is tightly integrated with popular applications like Word, Excel, Outlook and Adobe Acrobat - including the 64-bit versions of Micosort Office 2010 and 2013.  LSS Docs stores documents and files in their native format.  Word documents are saved as standard Word Files and Outlook email is stored in native folder based MSG format - complete with attachments.  Your documents and files are left untouched, the way you want them. 

Full Text Indexing

LSS Docs maintains an indexed database of all the words contained in your word processing documents, email messages, attachments and text-searchable PDF files.  With LSS Docs, you can perform full-text searches that complete in seconds - even when working with millions of files.  Type a few words and LSS Docs performs a full-text proximity search, quickly displaying a complete list of documents containing those words.

Want to Learn More?

See below for additional product information,    watch one of our demonstration videos, or call LSS at 1-800-331-4122 to schedule a live online meeting with an experienced project manager who can answer any question you might have.

Document Profiling

When saving a document, email, or any other type of file, you simply provide LSS Docs with information such as client and matter number, document type, and other optional data.  LSS Docs saves the file in its native format and then stores the profile information in a separate fully-indexed database.  Files can be quickly and easibly saved directly from Word, Outlook, Excel and Adobe Acrobat.  Or if you prefer, you can save files using simple drag & drop methods.

Locate Documents Quickly and Easily

Rather than browsing through hundreds or thousands of folders, LSS Docs locates documents by searching the profile database.  Tell LSS Docs what you want, and the system finds it for you.  Search by any combination of client, matter, author, document type, subject, and more.  Or perform full-text searches of the contents of your documents, files and emails (including attachments).  Even when working with millions of files, LSS Docs will display your search results nearly instantaneously every time.

Modular and Flexible Design

The LSSe64 Document Management System is the only full featured DMS that can be installed as its own stand-alone application or as part of a larger integrated "all-in-one" practice management system.  With LSSe64, the choice is yours.  Call for special stand-alone prices.


LSSe64 Document Management Feature Summary

Most intuitive interface ever.  Simple, sophisticated and designed with the end user in mind.  More intuitive and efficient than any other.  LSSe64 displays validation information online and in real-time, and makes it easier than ever to quickly find the information you are looking for.

Powerful search capabilities.  More options, added flexibility, scrollable search history, customizable defaults, favorites list, full text proximity searches with ranking and new inflectional or thesaurus search options.

New search results grid.  The customizable file list displays between 100 and 50,000 matching documents at once, includes additional data columns that are both sizeable and movable, and the results can be sorted instantly by any data column in ascending or descending order.

Right-click functionality.  Right-click any document(s) in the result grid to instantly open, print, export, preview, update, view history or display alternate versions.

Unbeatable performance.  Performance tested with millions of documents and email messages.  Final results to search requests often finish in sub-second time, consistently finish in about one second, and even the most complex full-text searches finish in just a few seconds.

Advanced preview display.  Scroll through search results while quickly previewing each file in a WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) display without ever opening the document.  Preview email messages, word processing documents, spreadsheets, images, PDF’s and more.

Drag & drop / cut & paste technology.  Drag or copy multiple files at once into the profiler screen to quickly import and save several documents or email messages with minimal time and effort. 

Intelligent email profiler.  Based on sender and recipient email addresses, using information from previously saved email messages, LSSe64 will intelligently predict and populate the document type, client, matter and submatter fields when new emails are saved.

Native, real-time, full text indexing.  Leveraging the power of SQL and native iFilter components from Microsoft and Adobe, LSSe64 performs full text indexing of word processing documents, spreadsheets, email messages and PDF’s – all on the fly.  No additional programs or services on the server are required.

Monitored folders.  Configure LSSe64 to constantly watch up to 20 “hot folders” for newly added documents or files.  The moment that one or more files are placed in the hot folder, LSS automatically prompts the user to profile and save those files.

Extended office productivity application support.  LSSe64 provides toolbar integration with 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Word 2016, Outlook 2016, Excel 2016 plus Adobe Acrobat X/XI,  Supported applications also include earlier 2013 & 2010 versions of Word, Outlook and Excel.

Improved reliability with Microsoft Office.  All LSSe64 integration components utilize the newest COM add-in technology to ensure reliable operation in a protected  environment space.  This technology protects LSS from other third-party add-ins that might otherwise interfere with the reliable operation of LSS.

Extended Microsoft Office application features.  Options in Microsoft Word to insert client, matter and document number in the footer as well as a lookup feature to quickly insert hyperlinks to other documents stored in LSS.  Integration with native ribbon objects in Word, Excel and Outlook – versions 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Advanced security.  Effortlessly secure entire clients, matters and submatters or individual documents and email messages.  You decide who can and who cannot access information.  LSSe64 integrates directly with the NTFS file permissions of your Windows network to enforce the highest level of security possible.

Active directory integration.  No separate LSS login is required.  Just launch LSSe64 and go.  LSS authenticates users against the Windows login name and password already defined on your network.  LSS doesn’t store login names or passwords – just the user-defined defaults and options specific to their operation of LSSe64.

Native 64-bit applications.  LSSe64 is designed specifically for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit Office applications.  Also available in 32-bit versions with no loss in functionality.  LSSe64 can be used in mixed environments, using the 32-bit version on workstations with 32-bit Office applications, while concurrently using the 64-bit version on workstations with 64-bit Office applications.

Windows 7, 8 & 10.  LSSe64 is designed specifically for use with Windows 7, 8 & 10 (64-bit and 32-bit versions). 

Windows Server and SQL.  LSSe64 is compatible with Windows Server 2008/2012 and SQL Server 2008R2/2012/2014.  The free Express edition of SQL may be suitable for some small firms, while the Standard edition is necessary for most implementations.  Contact LSS for specific server requirements and recommendations.


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