What exactly does the name mean?

When LSS set out to develop the industry's finest next generation Law Office Management System, we wanted to give it a meaningful name.  The name ("LSSe64") says a lot about the new system, and it can be broken down into three important parts:  LSS - e - 64

LSS:  The initials of our company name ("Legal Software Systems, Inc.").  Representing a team with more than eighty years of combined software design, development and implementation experience - dedicated entirely to the legal industry.

 e:  The "e" is for "Enterprise".  Our next generation software is designed for enterprise use.  It's functionality spans the automation needs of the entire practice.  Whether your enterprise consists of just one attorney or hundreds of attorneys, this system is scalable to firms of just about any size.

 64:  This system is a native 64-bit application - designed for peak efficiency, unbeatable reliability, and compatibility with the newest hardware devices and operating systems.  And for those firms still operating with legacy 32-bit equipment and operating systems, LSSe64 is also available in a 32-bit version that offers all the functionality of its 64-bit counterpart.

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